What’s the future for finance shared services and outsourcing talent?

By May 6, 2013January 3rd, 2022Archive

When I’m not obsessing about the lack of investment in change management when companies outsource, I worry about talent. Luckily, ACCA (www.accaglobal.com), the global accountancy body, is worried about talent of the finance variety, especially in light of the adoption of shared services and outsourcing models….and gives me the opportunity to put some of my scribbles into reports on their behalf.

When you step back from the exigencies of designing and implementing finance shared services operations, several trends become apparent: the formation of super finance hubs, the rumored rise of global business services, the corporate move to global workforce planning. How could these trends affect finance delivery models? And the talent that is so critical to their success?

To find out check out The Future of Finance Talent Report.