Transformation requires an organizational construct that combines roles, skills, and capabilities to make Global Business Services resilient, whether the organization buys, borrows, boosts or builds.

Work with us to ensure that you get your GBS organization right. Combining our taxonomy of skills and capabilities with industry-leading platforms, we help GBS and shared services leaders identify strengths, gaps and opportunities… and a world of possibilities presented by new ways of working.

Balance experts with insiders

Having deep GBS expertise is important, but deep institutional knowledge unlocks the transformative power of GBS. We help clients calibrate the right mix of experienced professionals with those who know the enterprise’s secret handshakes to drive sustainable change.

Optimize humans and bots

Implementing a bot is easy. Designing the right interplay between human and automated workers is imperative to unleash the power of digital. We combine our knowledge of the work with scenario tools to help you build the optimal organization.

Create career ladders

GBS organizations are offer talented team members the ability to flourish both in and outside the model. Working with renowned research organization Everest Group, we help clients reimagine new career paths based upon some novel new thinking about work archetypes.

Become a talent taproot

With critical capabilities in change, program management, digitization and global ways of working, now, more than ever, GBS organizations are a great breeding growth for the talent that transforms enterprises. We help clients design

Build critical capabilities

GBS’s value isn’t about the ability to pay a bill faster or cheaper, it’s about mastering new ways of working such as developing strong customer relationships, understanding risk, and knowing how to optimize processes. We assess the critical capabilities that drive GBS performance.

Harness future of work concepts

For years, GBS organizations have been at the vanguard of what we now call future of work, embracing outsourcing as a strategy for service delivery. But truly resilient GBS organizations must harness a range of resources—employees, outsourcers, gigs, crowdsourcing. We help clients create possibilities through new workforce models.