Our name says it all: we help leading global business and shared services organizations design, counsel, source and connect the talent they need to deliver on the promise of transformative change.

We’ve run global business and shared services

We’re practitioners who’ve “owned it.” We approach talent management as if we’re designing, optimizing and staffing our own organizations, not as search consultants with a one-size-fits all approach to filling roles.

We know the work

We are fluent in GBS objectives, processes and delivery models—and know that cookie-cutter approaches to defining the organization, the skills and the roles fail to deliver value.

We know what GBS talent is capable of

… and where to find it. Tightly networked into extensive industry networks, we know where good talent can be found, where it is consistently developed and sustained, and who delivers value. To be blunt, we know the backstory.

We know how shared services models evolve

GBS operations change over time. We know how to fit the right structure and talent to the organization’s stage of evolution.

We know it’s not just technical expertise

Cultural fit and ability to drive change at a pace the enterprise can embrace are critical. We balance hard skills with cultural understanding, stakeholder management, knowing when to lead from behind and when to aggressively push change.

We believe diversity is a critical success factor

We know breaking patterns of homogeneity is critical to GBS performance. We prioritize diversifying talent–by gender, ethnicity, race, problem solving approach and age–to accelerate transformation and value creation.