We’re practitioners, not consultants. We’re industry-insiders, not recruiters. We’re battle-scarred, not theoretical. We’re uniquely positioned to deliver on transformative promise of global business services through talent.

Sourcing Change was founded by two respected industry professionals.

Deborah Kops

SSON calls Deborah the first lady of shared services, arguably because of her sharp insights into the industry gleaned over 30 years. As a GBS leader, provider, and advisor, she has a unique perspective on its most critical success factor: talent. A frequent speaker and author, Deborah works closely with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants on finance transformation and talent research, directs The Conference Board’s Global Business Services Council, is jointly developing methodologies with Everest Research on the Future of Work; and serves on SSON’s Global Advisory Board.

Janet Ramey

One of the industry’s most respected global business services leaders, Janet led Cisco’s global employee services after years of leading technical services organizations. Having been responsible for workplace, real estate, finance, HR and IT services, Janet has a unique understanding of the power of end-to-end delivery and employee experience, key enablers of GBS and shared services success. As a Senior Fellow of The Conference Board, Janet runs a network of HR business partners for its GBS Council and spearheads SSON’s talent diversity initiatives.