Because we’ve led Global Business Services, we know the work. We understand which roles deliver transformation. And because we’re active in the industry, we’re closely connected to the market.

When it comes to sourcing the right talent, context matters. Matching talent is more than gauging expertise; it’s determining whether the candidate can deliver in your organization.

Our extensive networks enable us to rapidly target and match talent to your organization’s unique requirements.


A non-mandated GBS organization demands a different set of skills and capabilities than one dictated by executive fiat. We help you find the profile that can navigate your model.


Few candidates are 100% fit: there will generally be some gap. Our experience helps you determine which capabilities are mission-critical to the role versus those that can be supplemented by others in the team.


GBS organizations constantly evolve. Sometimes you need a change agent; at other times, a safe pair of hands. We apply our lens to make sure you attract the right leaders at the right time.


Some GBS organizations are known for developing stellar talent in certain roles. Because we know these organizations, we know what their alumni are capable of delivering.


The industry is self-referencing. It’s a small world. We are able to ask the right questions to the right people to gain insights that go well beyond resumes and social media profiles.

Outside the Box

Not all talent is working in full-time GBS roles. Consulting and outsourcing firms may be good sources. Interim or gig workers might fill a need. We help you access broader talent by thinking differently.