Merry Sourcing Change Year

By December 20, 2012April 12th, 2021Archive

What is Santa putting in the stockings of all you shared services and outsourcing change agents this year?

  • Seats  at the table when the sourcing strategy is first formulated so you don’t have to clean up afterward
  • Business lines that don’t see you as empire builders
  • Understanding by fellow team members that change is more than ‘fluffy stuff’
  • Executive sponsors who don’t hide behind Power Points
  • Providers that understand that they, too, have skin in your change game
  • Resources beyond miserly secondments of HR and corporate communications staff
  • Budgets that allow you to visit stakeholders before go- live
  • Methodologies that actually address outsourcing and shared services change challenges
  • Transition leadership that keeps you in the loop
  • Sufficient understanding to avoid committing big cultural faux pas
  • Frequent flyer status that allows you to fly in the front
  • Careers that endure

Best wishes for successful sourcing change in 2013,


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